How to install UTS Mobile Ticketing App

UTS Mobile Ticketing App is an app created by CSIR (center for Railway Information System) which is similar to IRCTC. The only difference is that UTS Mobile Ticketing App is designed to cut unreserved tickets. So now there is no need for us to stand in the long line outside the ticket counter, due to which many times our train was missed. But CSIR put an end to our dilemma and now we can deduct unreserved tickets for our journey without standing in line. So friends to cut unreserved tickets from your mobile, first of all you have to download the mobile app of UTS.

So let us tell you how to download UTS Mobile Ticketing App:

This app is made for Android and Windows Mobile only. Here we will tell you to install this app on Android Mobile.

step 1:
First of all, you have to go to your android mobile’s Play Store and search by typing UTS.


Step 2:
The first option you will see after searching is to click it. The size of this app is about 1.87 MB, so it will be downloaded to your mobile soon.


Step 3:
Now you will be shown the option to install UTS App. Then select install and install the app. Keep in mind that the app you download should be offered by CSIR (Center for Railway Information System).


Step 4:
After the app is installed, when you open it, you will see the option of “Sign Up”. Click it


Step 5:
There are a total of four steps for registration in the UTS app, which you must complete. The first passenger must fill in their mobile number, name, identity card number, city, default booking train type, class, ticket type, passenger number, and frequent travel routes for registration.

Step 1. Here you have to fill some of your personal information like:

mobile number
date of birth
ID card

For ID card, you can choose any one of the following documents.

Govt. issued Icard
PAN Card
Voter ID
Aadhaar Card
Driving License
Student icard
Bank passbook
Credit Card with Laminated Photo

After this, the passenger will press the generated OTP and the OTP will be sent in the form of SMS to the mobil in which he wants to install the app. The passenger has to type in the OTP received in the application and submit it.


Step 2. After this, in the second step you will be given three options which are the following.

Default train type: Here you will be given three options Ordinary (O), Express (M / E) and Superfast (S), then select the train type as per your wish. You can also change this later.

Default Payment Type: Here you can choose one in RWALLET and OTHERS.

Default Class which will be given Second (ii) only.

Step 3. After this, in the third step also you will be given three options which is the following.


Default Ticket Type: This will give you Journey (J) and Return (R) options.

Adult: You can select at most four.

Child: You can select at most four.

Step 4. Here you have to select your frequent travel route for Quick Booking. Here you can add at most five favourate routes. And if you want, you can also skip this step.


In this way, by following the above steps, you can easily install and register the UTS mobile Ticketing App. But you have not set your password yet.

Know how to set password for UTS App:
If you have installed and registered the UTS mobile Ticketing App, then now we tell you how to set a password. Follow the steps given below to set a password.

Login ⇒ Profile ⇒ Change Password


To login you can use Forget Password where you will be given OTP to login.


Important suggestion:

1) In this app, you are given the facility of cutting ticket by tracking your location by GPS. So due to network and low signal you may have problems. When you reach the radius of two kilometers of your traveling station, start the process of cutting the ticket. By which your ticket has been cut till you reach the station.

2) With this app you can also cut Platform Ticket and Seasonal (Monthly) tickets.

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